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We have refocused our efforts on the areas where we can make the biggest difference: Community Wealth Building, Rural Placemaking, and Small Communities.

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Community Wealth Building Grants

Weaves together financial, intellectual, cultural and social assets for healthy communities.

Not Yet Open
Opens June 26, 2023

Rural Placemaking Grants

Creating quality places where people want to live, work, play and learn.

Open for Letters of Interest
Due June 1, 2023

Small Communities Grants

Funds resources, skills and system changes in rural Minnesota’s smallest communities.

Not Yet Open
Opens July 17, 2023

Itasca Area Education Grants

If you are an Itasca area student age 25 or younger, you might be interested in our Education Grants program.

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Current grantees – download and complete reports as outlined in your grant agreement.

Your grant officer is always available to assist with questions and provide other information.

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Your feedback strengthens our grantmaking. Contact us to share your thoughts. You may also subscribe to our mailing list, or contact the following Grants team members.

LuAnn Robinson

LuAnn Robinson

Grants Program Assistant

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Google map of Blandin Foundation grantees across Minnesota

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Wondering what we have funded in the past? This interactive map gives you a clear picture of grants paid. Click on the map pins for specific grants, or create your own search.

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