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Itasca Area

Specific and special ways we partner with people and leaders in our “home giving area” – Itasca County, plus Blackduck, Hill City, Northome, and Remer.

Blandin Foundation has proudly made its home in Itasca County (north central Minnesota) for more than 80 years. This region was the “wood basket” of the Grand Rapids-based Blandin Paper Company when it was owned by Foundation founder Charles Blandin in the early 20th Century. We stand with these communities as they design and claim vibrant futures in the 21st Century.

Our commitment is as strong as ever.

Itasca Area Grants

Every 5 years

Map of Blandin Foundation grants in the Itasca Area

Search & Map Itasca Area Grants

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Scholarships Remer for web 2


How to apply for funds to take your education further.

Meeting Spaces

A welcoming and safe place for our partners to build vibrant rural communities.
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Grants & Donations

Special opportunities to grant-seekers in its home communities.

Our Commitment

Information on the ways we have stood with our home community for more than 75 years.

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