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Community Broadband Resources Program

Technical assistance and general support as your community explores its next steps in high-speed internet services.

Across Minnesota, communities vary widely in their level of technological savvy and involvement.

Blandin Foundation promotes the active engagement of communities in ensuring their own telecommunications and technology vitality, ranging from market development activities to infrastructure and service improvements.

Community Broadband Resources (CBR) provides assistance to communities in three ways:

By providing consulting assistance

Communities, when seeking to determine appropriate next steps towards technology vitality, are often without quality, tech-neutral, vendor-neutral advice. Community Broadband Resources uses select consultants to provide information and assistance to communities as they determine their appropriate role. No grant funds are made to the communities through this program, only short-term technical assistance.

By convening

Blandin Foundation has a reputation for providing convening opportunities, both virtual and on location. Community Broadband Resources convenes community leaders and topic experts for dialogue and learning.


Blandin Foundation, through its grant programs and the Blandin on Broadband blog, has developed significant online resources for communities. These resources are at the center of CBR activities.

Targeted communities

  • Former and potential Blandin Broadband grantees
  • Other communities interested in telecommunication and technology vitality

Resource Services

  • Project Assistance (up to 32 hours)
  • High level community technology assessments of infrastructure, services and community demand
  • Market Development Activity organizing and planning
  • Technical and business expertise to develop fair and appropriate joint venture with providers
  • Ad hoc assistance
  • General information provided through telephone, email, referral to the Blandin website and others.

Application Process

Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis and administratively approved.

Complete Application Online


  • Annually, Community Broadband Resources will provide Project Assistance to 15 communities ranging from 16 to 32 hours.
  • Annually, Community Broadband Resources will provide personal ad hoc assistance to 25 communities


  • Increased utilization of broadband, public and leadership awareness and engagement in the broadband issues area and public private investment.
  • An evaluation process that measures success, primarily through information gathered in the application process and a survey following the project assistance. Ad hoc assistance will be measured through indicators including a) signing up for the e-news and b) applying for project assistance.

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