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(Postponed) LPEP Grand Rapids

Event Details

February 20 - August 20, 2020

Leaders Partnering to End Poverty (LPEP) is designed for community members of all income levels, who are engaged in their community, and who are passionate and committed to ending poverty. The program consists of seven training sessions, community events and community conversations – all in the participating community.

LPEP Application Deadline: Thursday, January 30, 2020

Unless noted, the following training sessions will be held in the Stender Community Room at the Blandin Foundation.

Blandin Foundation has suspended all leadership training until June 1, 2020 in response to the expansion of COVID-19. The Foundation will share an updated calendar when training resumes.

  • Session I          February 20, 2020        9:00am-4:00pm
  • Session II         TBD                                  9:00am-1:00pm
  • Session III        TBD                                  9:00am-1:00pm
  • Session IV        TBD                                  9:00am-1:00pm
  • Session V         TBD                                  9:00am-1:00pm
  • Session VI        TBD                                  9:00am-1:00pm
  • Session VII       TBD                                  1:00pm-6:00pm  (5pm Graduation)

The Blandin Foundation covers the cost of the program (meals and training sessions). Your cost is your time and travel to and from sessions. If attendance creates a financial hardship, enabling funds are available (following selection of the cohort) through the Rural Leadership Access Funds.

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